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Sports Connection



Sports Connection™ is a fun new way to connect with family and friends and play the most popular sports from a new perspective. Sports Connection is being developed specifically for Nintendo’s  system to take full advantage of Nintendo’s New Controller. Experience new gameplay possibilities using the New Controller and compete solo, in multiplayer or team up in co-op.


Explore the Sports Connection game park and play six of the most popular sports in the world: Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Karting. 

Play with touch controls on the New Controller. Use the New Controller to make defensive formations in American Football, throw an incredible pass or score a penalty kick in Soccer.

Play using real sports gestures with Wii MotionPlus™. Swing with precision in Golf or hit home runs in Baseball.

 Switch between playing on the TV and the New Controller. Drive your kart to victory while competing with up to five players (four split screens on TV + the New Controller’s screen).  Swap between playing on the New Controller and the TV.

Use the New Controller to get inside the action. Give insightful advice as a caddie in Golf using the New Controller’s screen as a 360° window to scan and analyze the field.

Play fun mini games.  Try the serving machine challenge in Tennis and hit balls as fast as you can to challenge your friends best score.

 Connect with friends on the Wii U™. Create teams, get rewards, accept challenges, and share your scores on the online leaderboard!

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